Dana’s Raspberry Lemon Pie

There are a lot of really good bakers in my life but none of them compare to my sister in law Dana. She made this really refreshing dessert that took 10 minutes to prepare and was ready to eat in about 2-3 hours. It travels well and is so easy – If you can stir, you’re good to go. It’s also…

Smores Dip

S’mores – Now With Less Camping!

You’re welcome and I’m sorry. This is addictive and a super-convenient way to easily eat the equivalent of 7 or 8 S’mores in one sitting when you’d normally have 1 or 2. Don’t want to sleep in a tent? Not interested in being eaten by a bear? Prefer forks instead of eating off of a dirty stick…

Healthy Pancakes (Really!)

Low carb, high protein, no sugar… they’re practically perfect. They are thin almost like a crepe and a little custardy on the inside..  They also freeze really well, too. If you are lactose-intolerant these are absolutely worth taking a Lactaid for.

Crab Stew Savannah

We discovered Tondee’s Tavern in Savannah during our Thankgiving 2013 vacation.  It was damp and cold as we walked from our hotel across West Bay St to Tondee’s and we knew there was a bowl of soul-warming soup in our immediate future. Tondees had a miraculous dish on the menu called Savannah Blue Crab Stew that we’ve…

Best Ever Banana Bread

Really moist, easy to put together and a great way to use up any bananas with more than a tiny spot of brown on them.  Because everyone knows that if there is a tiny spot of brown they’re overripe and gross.

Mountain Man’s Granola

It was 1988 and there was a knock at the window of my 8th grade Algebra class.  My classmates and I turned to see a large man outside with wild hair and unkempt beard.  It was November, it was raining, and we were ready to run. “Awwww Mountain Man!” my teacher exclaimed, smiling broadly.  He threw open the window…

Like Warm Apple Pie Sandwiches

You know when your mouth says “more now!” and your stomach says “no mas!”?  This will be one of those times. If you don’t feel like dipping the filled sandwiches in batter just make french toast instead and then spread the apple pie filling on top.  I promise I won’t tell anyone how embarrassingly lazy you…

Ginger Oh Snap! Cookies

These are so tasty and since ginger is a great anti-inflammatory eating 5 in a row is obviously good for me.  I am soooo not inflamed right now.

Bitchin’ Brussels Sprouts

This is how I make my Brussels sprouts and I gotta be honest – they’re so good I’ll often have them for breakfast.  Apparently this is weird because the guy across the breakfast table from me says I’m a Communist for not eating a real American breakfast like a sugar-coated Kellogg’s product. You know, as God intended.

Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea

I often make this for guests who then request it every time they come over, which is a very flattering pain in the ass. So before you serve this to other people make sure you’re ok with making it. I start out with a small amount of sugar and then add to taste because I don’t…