Dana’s Lemon Raspberry Pie – No Baking Required!

Lemon-Raspberry-Pie 500

There are a lot of really good bakers in my life but none of them compare to my sister in law Dana. All of her recipes are so good I have to fight the urge to roll around in them like a dog. Sometimes I’m successful, but not with this one.

This is a really refreshing dessert that takes 10 minutes to make and is ready to eat in about 2-3 hours. It travels well and is so easy to make – If you can stir, you’re good to go. It’s also economical with very few easily-found ingredients. Can you tell I love this recipe? Oh – and there’s NO BAKING REQUIRED!

S’mores – Now With Less Camping!

Smores Dip

You’re welcome and I’m sorry. When you try this Smores Dip you’ll understand.

For those who can’t wait, here’s why: It’s addictive and a super-convenient way to easily eat the equivalent of 7 or 8 Smores in one sitting when you’d normally have 1 or 2.

Don’t want to sleep in a tent? Not interested in being eaten by a bear? Prefer forks instead of eating off of a dirty stick you found on the ground? Good news! None of this crap is necessary anymore! Whee!

I’ve seen variations where the recipe uses peanut butter cups instead of chocolate chips and this sounds pretty amazing. I haven’t tried it yet because frankly, I’m scared. Scared that I will eat the entire thing alone and I try not to do things that I can’t undo and I am positive that I would be wearing that forever.

Tip: A key element of Smores Dip is smooth, melted chocolate. To ensure success, make sure there isn’t any water in the pan at any time and keep all liquids away from the chocolate after it has melted. The first time I made this I added vanilla thinking it was a great idea and it wasn’t at all – The chocolate seized right up and it was then dry and crumbly instead of smooth and melted. It was still edible but it sure wasn’t easy to scoop up with a graham cracker stick.

If you happen to seize your chocolate, here’s some info from CraftyBaking.com on how to fix it or what to do with it if it’s beyond repair.


Ginger Oh Snap! Cookies

Ginger Snaps

These are so tasty and since ginger is a great anti-inflammatory eating 5 in a row is obviously good for me.  I am soooo not inflamed right now.
Ginger Snap Cookies – From http://www.sharongreen.me – all-purpose flour, packed brown sugar, vegetable shortening, molasses, egg, baking soda, ground ginger, cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, salt, sugar (for rolling cookies), crystallized/candied ginger (optional), In a medium bowl sift together flour, baking soda, ginger, cinnamon, cloves nutmeg and salt.; In a large bowl or mixer cream together the shortening and brown sugar until lightened in color and fluffy.; Beat in the egg and, once fully incorporated, mix in the molasses.; Mix in dry ingredients 1/2 a cup at a time until fully combined.; Refrigerate dough for 30 minutes.; Preheat oven to 375F. While oven is preheating, fill a shallow bowl with sugar for rolling the cookies in.; Using a teaspoon spoon out equal sized pieces of dough and roll into 1-inch balls. Roll each cookie ball in your bowl of granulated sugar then place on a baking sheet leaving 2-3 inches between each cookie.; Press one (or more, totally up to you) pieces of crystallized ginger into the tops of each cookie ball if you decide to use it.; Place baking sheet in the oven and bake for 10 minutes or until puffed up slightly. ; Remove from oven and let cool before serving. Cookies will collapse a little and be covered in cracks – that’s what you want!; – Adapted recipe courtesy of http://www.12Tomatoes.com[/wpurp-searchable-recipe%5D

My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Yet

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I like my cookies thick and soft but not mushy, firm and dense but not hard.  And when I say “cookies” what I really mean is cookies, Dirty Bird.
My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Yet – From http://www.sharongreen.me – butter (left at room temperature for 10 minutes (see instructions)), sugar, brown sugar (light or dark is fine), pure vanilla extract, eggs, baking soda, salt, all-purpose flour (Scooped with the measuring cup, not spooned into the measuring cup.), semi-sweet chocolate chips, Preheat oven to 350F.; In a large bowl cream together butter, sugar and brown sugar and stop mixing as soon as it’s mostly combined. There shouldn’t be any lumps of butter remaining.

NOTE: Your butter should be soft enough so that if you firmly squeeze it you can only make a slight indentation with your fingers. Any softer and you’ll have flat cookies. If your butter is too soft pop it in the refrigerator for a bit until it’s colder. ; Mix in eggs and vanilla.; In a separate bowl combine baking soda, salt and flour. Mix into wet ingredients until 95% combined. Fold in chocolate chips, stirring until just completely combined.; Scoop onto the cookie sheets using 2 spoons or, if you have it, a cookie scoop. I use the small scoop from Pampered Chef and it gives me perfectly sized, 3-bite cookies.; Bake for 10 minutes to start, adding 1-2 minutes to the timer until the cookies are a golden brown. In my oven 14 minutes is perfect.; – Adapted recipe courtesy of http://www.DaisyCottageDesigns.com[/wpurp-searchable-recipe%5D

Pretzel Caramel Chocolate Crack

Caramel Pretzel Candy

The perfect mix of salty and sweet for those depressing nights when you need to eat your feelings. Use gluten-free pretzels to make it GF friendly or live on the edge and use regular pretzels.  Crazytown!
Pretzel Caramel Chocolate Crack – From http://www.sharongreen.me – pretzels (I like the square waffle kind), butter (2 standard sized sticks), light brown sugar, salt, honey, pure vanilla extract, baking soda, chocolate chips (I like to use the mini-chips, they melt better), Line a 9×9 pan with parchment paper. If you don’t have parchment paper then line it with the thickest aluminum foil you have and grease generously with butter.; Spread pretzels on the bottom of the prepared pan, set aside.; In a saucepan combine butter, salt, brown sugar and honey and cook over medium heat until a candy thermometer reaches 260F.; Remove from heat, add vanilla and baking soda while constantly stirring.; Preheat the oven to 350F. Pour the prepared caramel over pretzels, set aside and let cool for 10 minutes.; Sprinkle the chocolate chips evenly over the pretzel/caramel mixture. Put the pan in the oven for about 5 minutes or until the chips have melted. They’ll still have their shape because, well, science. But they’ll look shiny and melty and that’s how you’ll know.; Remove the pan from the oven and using a rubber spatula or the back of a spoon gently spread the chocolate into a smooth layer over the caramel.; Turn off the oven. I always forget so I thought I’d remind you.; Let stand until completely set, about 4 hours on the counter or 2 hours in the fridge.; Cut into squares, rectangles, parallelograms, or whatever shape you’re into. I won’t judge. Store in the refrigerator if there are any left.; – Adapted recipe courtesy of http://www.DietHood.com[/wpurp-searchable-recipe%5D