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Zuppa di Scarola, aka Escarole Soup

Zuppa di Scarola

This was my mother in law’s recipe until I made a drastic change to it.  Don’t tell her.

It’s been a little while since I posted, we went away for 10 days during the beginning of April to TN and VA and then it’s been 2 weeks of playing catch-up.  If I could be on the road with my guys for 3 weeks out of the month I’d be pretty happy.

Anyhoo, my MIL pronounces this dish as “shka-dole”, as does my husband, and so do I – This way we’re all talking about the same thing.  It also means that the “Zuppa di” and the “a” at the end of “Scarola” are all silent which are a lot of letters to flagrantly disregard. I like to think of them as vestigial, it’s somehow less disrespectful.

Her recipe was delicious and calls for cooking 1 whole chicken per 1 head of escarole in chicken broth.  I used to make it this way until yesterday when I got brilliantly lazy and used a rotisserie chicken from the market. It was already seasoned, cooked, cheaper than raw and if all of that wasn’t enough the grody funky ooky gooey chicken parts were already removed!

I’ll tell her anyway, chances are she’ll like how much quicker it will be ready and she loves me no matter what I do because she’s a swell lady. I’m really lucky like that.